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Save the Penguin Game

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  •     Everyone loves Ice Breaker but not in this table game!
  •     Save the penguin by not breaking the ice challenge in this fun game.
  •     Never fall into your opponent’s trap with the Ice-Block Breaking Table Game.
  •     An entertaining game that the whole family can play together.
  •     The goal is not to let the penguin fall while each player has to take turns breaking the ice blocks.
  •     Whoever first gets the penguin fall loses.
  •     Host a game night and challenge your friends and family in the Don’t Break the Ice Challenge.
  •     Ice-block Breaking Table Game
  •     PARENT-CHILD INTERACTION: A simple and fun game that can enhance the parent-children interaction and create a fun family atmosphere
  •     EXPLORE AND ENHANCE CHILDREN’S ABILITY: It does not only practice children’s responsiveness but also exercises their brain development and increases your child's hand-eye coordination.
  •     ENCOURAGE PLAYTIME: Keep your child away from the digital landscape.
  •     SAFE AND DURABLE: Made from environmental protection material, non-toxic. Safe and healthy for children.
  •     EASY TO PLAY: First assembly the ice to the ice-breaking platform, place the penguin on the ice platform, then rotate the wheel, and knock out the ice in accordance with the turntable, keep going until that penguin falls.
  •     PORTABLE: Miniature size makes it easy to play anywhere
  •     HAPPY FAMILY GAME: Play with your family and enjoy the quality time to spend with them.

  • How To Play:
  • 1. Keep the penguin on the board. If you make it fall off, you lose! Oh no!
    2. Make sure to not fall into your opponents' traps!
    3. Whoever's penguin gets to the end of the game without falling WINS!

✓ Net Weight: 100g
✓ Color: Blue
✓ Size: 16.5163.5
✓ Material: ABS

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